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Pro Series V2 Trigger Kit to suit Nissan 'RB' Twin Cam

Original price $1,053.27 - Original price $1,206.67
Original price
$1,053.27 - $1,206.67
Current price $1,053.27

Unleash the potential of your RB20, RB25, RBB25 NEO, or RB26 engine with PRP's Pro Series Trigger Kit. This top-tier kit features our innovative 36-2 Tooth profile and MoTeC sensors for applications up to 3000whp. Trusted by 1000hp+ street cars and championship-winning motorsports vehicles like the 'Xtreme GTR' and 'Integrated Motorsports R34,' this kit provides unmatched precision and data resolution.

Product Highlights:
Introducing PRP's Big Hitter and Most Recommended Trigger Kit!
New 36-2 Tooth Profile: Our PRO series 36-2 Crank trigger kit features this latest tooth profile.
High-Quality Sensors: Utilizes a MoTeC 'reluctor' type sensor and our all-new MoTeC Camshaft 'hall effect' type sensor.
Sealed Sensor Design: Completely sealed sensor with an external plug system designed for applications up to 3000whp.
Proven Performance:

The PRP Pro Series Trigger Kit has a track record of success:
Tried, tested, and proven on MANY 1000hp+ street cars.
Trusted by famous motorsport cars, including the world time attack open class 1st place winner 'Xtreme GTR' and 2nd place winner 'Integrated Motorsports R34'.
Ultimate Trigger System:

This updated pro series trigger kit offers:
Up to 3 times more data than our current 12-tooth intermediate system.
Flawless resolution.
Precision Engineering:

Our kit is designed with precision in mind:
Non-balancer-based trigger wheel to eliminate unwanted movement.
Compact 100 mm trigger disc with a large sensor for optimal performance.
Swept-back sensor mount design for perfect positioning.
Included Hardware:

The kit comes complete with:

  • Pro Series Hardened Billet Steel 1045 Steel Cut Gear With No holes For Extra Strength inc PRP Rear EN36 (25rockwell) Blackened/Hardened Washer
  • MoTeC reluctor (with MoTeC support).
  • Bottom sensor mount.
  • All necessary plugs, pins, gauze, and heat shrink.
  • Teflon shielded twin-core wire.
  • Bolts and general hardware.
  • Top trigger plate.
  • Top trigger sensor.
  • Stainless cam plate.
  • Additional bolts and hardware.
  • Plugs, pins, heat shrink, and braid.
  • Optional Billet CAS bracket (available at a discounted bundle rate).
  • One-year warranty on sensors and a lifetime warranty on the rest.

Custom Color Options:
Please specify your custom color choice in the cart area's "Special Notes" section.

Custom colors available include:

  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Grey
  • Teal
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Cardo Zinc
  • PINK


  • Crank sensor bracket holders are available in black only.
  • Not compatible with Haltech 'Platinum Pro Plugin ECU'
  • If you require a custom trigger kit solution or wish to purchase the crank or cam trigger kit separately, please visit our 'CUSTOM' trigger kit listing here
Vehicle Model Compatibility

Nissan Skyline R32
Nissan Skyline R33
Nissan Skyline R34

Engine Model Compatability