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MECHPUMP KIT A: 12/04.2019

Remove the 4 bolts that hold the OEM cam washer plate on and replace them with the custom PRP M7 CAP bolts (Allen key head) supplied in the kit through the cam side drive coupling, do not sandwich the OEM plate, also ensure the coupling sits all the way home, some different types of gears like the ones pictured (HKS) have a slightly smaller center bore and you will need to machine the lip down (or off completely for a RB30 Single Cam engine)

The lip on the coupling is designed to fit inside the cam gear (standard sizes) you do not want what you can see with the red arrow in the right pic here, modify it or remove it, the shanked bolts act as a dowel so you are safe.

You may now install your PRP billet CAS bracket, or PRP double CAS bracket depending on which system you chose to purchase.

It seems to be easier to install the pump and housing upside down, it allows you to see the coupling as this next section is crucial. Insert all 3 housing bolts and nip them up. Now you need to check for coupling to counterbore (housing) free play, you don’t need much, but 1-2mm is plenty, you can always undo the grub screws, slide the pump out and visually inspect the relationship between the housing and the drive but this way seems to be easiest. The first pic on the left shows the pump being pulled in the direction of the red arrow to allow a gap to appear (blue arrow) Then the pic on the right shows the installer pushing the pump back in, note the blue arrow showing the gap dissapear to the point the nipples on the rubber joint are holding the coupling appart by around .5mm per side. Now if you do have free play, which you should on a standard gear or standard thickness aftermarket cam gears, but in some rare cases you may not, now it’s a easy fix to remedy the situation if this is the case, with one of 2 or both bethods shown below.