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PRP Crank Gear/Crank Pickup - Nissan RB

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$99.03 - $528.68
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Introducing Platinum Racing Products' latest additions to our Nissan RB crank gear lineup – three exceptional ranges designed to keep your RB engine performing to its potential:

OEM Replacement and Race Series. Crafted from premium 1045 steel material, these gears are built to withstand the rigors of high-performance racing.

But that's not all – for the most demanding enthusiasts, we present the Pro Plus range, forged from ultra-durable 4140 hardened steel. These gears are engineered to deliver unparalleled durability and performance, ensuring your engine reaches its full potential.

To make your choice easier, refer to the table below and discover which gear is the perfect fit for your needs. Upgrade your Nissan RB engine with Platinum Racing Products, where precision meets power.

OEM Replacement:
OEM Replacement - Billet Steel 1045 Steel Cut Gear / OEM Timing Guide / PRP Rear Washer
OEM Replacement + - Billet Steel 1045 Steel Cut Gear / OEM Timing Guide / PRP Rear EN36 (25rockwell) Blackened/Hardened Washer

Race Series - 12 tooth:
Race V1 - Older Race Series Crank Gear (Straight 90 Deg Sensor Angle) (Superseeded by Race V2)
Race V2 - Race Series Crank Gear (Swept Back Sensor Angle) / OEM Timing Guide / PRP Stainless Washer {V2 Race Series Ignition Timing Kit Replacement}
Race V2 PLUS - Race Series Crank Gear (Swept Back Sensor Angle) / OEM Timing Guide / PRP Rear EN36 (25rockwell) Blackened Hardened Washer

Pro Series - 36 tooth:
PRO - Pro Series Hardened Billet Steel 1045 Steel Cut Gear / PRP Rear EN36 (25rockwell) Blackened/Hardened Washer (Superseeded by Pro V2)
PRO V2 - Pro Series Hardened Billet Steel 1045 Steel Cut Gear With No holes For Extra Strength / PRP Rear EN36 (25rockwell) Blackened/Hardened Washer {Pro Series Ignition Timing Kit Replacement}
PRO + - Pro Series Hardened Billet Steel 4140 Steel Cut Crank Gear / PRP Rear EN36 (25rockwell) Blackened/Hardened Washer (1500HP + / 10,000 RPM)
PRO + 35 - Pro Series Hardened Billet Steel 4140 Steel Cut Crank Gear to use with a 3.6L Stroker - 35mm Snout / PRP Rear EN36 Blackened/Heat t Treated/Hardened (40 Rockwell) Washer


*Please note, our V1 and V2 crank gears are not interchangeable due to sensor position, If you have any question in regards to what gear you need please contact us.

Customer Reviews

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Beautifully made

Picked up the race+ crank gear (on its own) as part of a timing belt change upgrade to future-proof the car. Wonderfully made piece of steel that unfortunately will be hidden from view. I got the hardened washer as well. Little bit of grease and some love taps and it went on with zero issues. Nice and tight tolerances as expected from PRP.