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Ignition Timing & Relocation Kit to suit Mitsubishi 4G63

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$748.18 - $782.22
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Introducing the new Mitsubishi Complete Ignition timing & Sensor Relocation Kit to suit the Mitsubishi Non Mivec & Mivec 4G63 engines available in both Race and Pro Series.

This kit includes the exhaust camshaft relocation housing which also includes a pickup to be used as a home signal for any aftermarket ecu engine management systems. The crankshaft portion is designed as part of a balance shaft delete upgrade for the 4G63 and utilises the geared area that would usually drive the balance shaft sub belt, which is more commonly recommended for high performance builds.

Race Series Option:
The 12 tooth Race series kit is a huge step up over the factory dual pulse crank angle sensor with 6 times more data to the ECU giving you a huge advantage over the OEM system, Aftermarket ECU's are a must but if you're looking at upgrading to this type of hardware you've already done your homework and are either buying one now or already have one.

Pro Series:
The 36-2 Pro series kit is tailored for the ultimate tier in crank sensor systems with 3 times more data than a 12 tooth Race system, results speak for themselves with flawless resolution, you can expect better response, the more data the ECU receives the better the response, drivability and power gains throughout the whole power curve will be achieved (High end ECU required)

Our kits provide a superior level of accuracy, fitment and engine protection as it is machined in house to the most stringent of tolerances. Using a one piece billet gear assembly this ensures zero failure points with extremely accurate ignition timing and mechanical timing reliability.

Kit Contents:

Camshaft Components

  • Exhaust Camshaft Sensor Relocation Housing
  • Exhaust Camshaft Sensor Pickup
  • Bolts, O-Rings and General Hardware

Crankshaft Components

  • 1 Piece 12 or 36-2 Tooth Ignition Wheel
  • Hi quality crank angle sensor
  • Billet Sensor mount
  • All plugs, pins, gauze and heat shrink required
  • Teflon Shielded Twin Core Wire
  • Bolts and General Hardware

Note: To run this kit a balance shaft delete is required. We recommend the Kelford kit in this listing

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