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Toyota 1JZ VVTi Direct Replacement Exhaust Manifold

by Artec
Original price $1,005.81 - Original price $1,005.81
Original price
$1,005.81 - $1,005.81
Current price $1,005.81

Artec High Mount Stainless Cast 347 Turbo Manifold to suit Toyota 1JZ-GTE VVTi has been designed for guys wanting a compact OEM replacement manifold and accept OEM flanged turbochargers whilst increasing performance and flow. This manifold also has provisions to retain your OEM exhaust manifold heat sheet keeping the bay looking OEM +.

Artec has truly revolutionised the turbo manifold industry with their unique cast 347 stainless manifolds, all manifolds are tuned and CFD simulated to achieve maximum flow and heat dispersion, whilst at the same time removing restrictions caused by tight radius bends in factory manifolds which therefor increases exhaust gas flow exponentially. Say goodbye to heat pooling, cracked manifolds and unequal exhaust gas distribution and say hello to a product which is designed and tested in Australia and is backed by a lifetime warranty!

All Artec manifolds are guaranteed to fit your engine bay and auxiliaries without headache or fuss and are designed to be installed in approximately 10 minutes. The bolt locations are easily accessible as the cast was designed around them for ease of installation and accessibility. Artec stainless manifolds are the unrivalled in their simplicity and efficiency!