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8.8" Nissan R200 Rear Differential Billet Housing Pro Kit (3.7 & 4.3)

Original price $9,378.51 - Original price $9,630.15
Original price
$9,378.51 - $9,630.15
Current price $9,378.51

We're proud to release the long awaited Billet 6061 8.8" R200 (PRP 8.8-200) complete & assembled Billet Differential set up as a complete bolt-in kit. This kit running a Strange Engineering Full Spool diff center and is perfect for your full blown race cars.

For the more street and race blended orientated vehicle, please see our Race kit listed here.

These upgraded 8.8" diff housings are designed to bolt in aftermarket  8.8" differential into vehicle subframes that originally came from factory with the R200 diff such as any Nissan Skyline R32 GTR and R33 or R34 variant including GTS-T, GT-T and GT-R platforms as well as any Nissan Silvia S14 or S15.

This kit is sold with an assembled differential, using the Strange Engineering Full Spool diff center paired up with factory Ford Racing Crown wheel and Pinion, quality seals and bearings and everything you need assembled. (All parts sold separately as well).

We have teamed up with The Driveshaft Shop USA so that we can provide 2500 hp + 35mm axles that will take it all with the aid of oversized Porsche inner pot joints and 31 spline custom stub axles. 

Available in all colours of course. 

*These kits do not suit the S13 chassis or R32 GTS-T, if you have an S13/180SX or R32 GTS-T and require this kit, swap to S14/S15 or R200 subframe. 

Why not the Super 8.8? 
The super 8.8" differential has a larger pinion than the regular 8.8, however, that is not the weakest point, it's the housing. The Platinum Racing Products Billet 8.8 Housing not only resolves that issue, it adds more strengths where it’s needed, also it’s longer. 

* Carbon driveshafts available on request.  

Supplied with:

  • PRP 8.8" R200 Bolt In Billet Housing
  • DSS Level 5 Pro Rear Axle Pair
  • Strange Engineering Full Spool Center
  • PRP Billet Diff Hat
  • Strange Billet Tailshaft Yoke
  • Tailshaft Yoke Cap Kit
  • PRP Front Bush Fitting Kit
  • ARP AR3.250-1LB x 4
  • ARP 1/2 Main nuts x 4
  • PRP -10 Bung x 2
  • Attessa pump mounting kit
  • Assembly of Differential including rebuild kit.

  • *Alloy or Carbon Fibre Tailshafts / Driveshafts are available to purchase SEPARATELY*

Options for ABS sensors can include if selected:

  • PRP OEM Sensors Mounts
  • PRP Cherry Sensor Mounts including Cherry Sensors
  • JMA Tailshaft Speed Sensor Kit
  • (Bosch Motorsport sensor brackets available soon) 

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