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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523


Genuine Nissan N1 Oil Pump Kit 1501024U01

SKU 1501024U01
Original price $649.95 - Original price $2,080.95
Original price
$649.95 - $2,080.95
Current price $649.95
Everyone knows the downfall of the RB series engines is the oiling system. That's why we're constantly producing and releasing more and more products to solve inherent issues the RB engine has when demanding more from it that was originally designed to do.

We've put together a simple one click kit that you can select exactly what parts at what power level you're running to keep your engine running reliably for years to come. When deciding what you need we know it can get very confusing which is why we've making it simple by giving you information to help you decide as well as all the options.

For anything over the stock setup a set of billet gears in your genuine N1 Oil Pump is a must to get your oiling system capable of delivering enough pressure in all driving conditions.

Spline drive is a better system if you have your crank out when upgrading which usually happens at the same time.

Watch this vid for more information about what is required and when.
Once you decide what you want we have an option for us to assemble it for you.

The Base PRP Genuine N1 Oil Pump Kit Includes the following:
  • Oil Pump 1501024U01
  • Oil Pump Gasket
  • Alignment Tool
  • Standard Bolt Set

Additional Parts Optional:
  • Oil Pump Gears (Flat or Spline Drive)
  • Crank Collar (Flat or Spline Drive)
  • Backing plate (Alloy or Steel) [Alloy is the most common option]
  • Titanium Oil Pump Mounting Hardware


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    Chris D.
    Quality parts

    Quality is what to expect from PRP!