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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523


PRP Drive By Wire Pedal & Throttlebody Kit - Nissan Skyline R32/R33/R34

Original price $629.00 - Original price $759.00
Original price
$629.00 - $759.00
Current price $649.00
We have developed a complete kit to swap out that cable old throttle and laggy throttle pedal in your Nissan R Chassis vehicle to install new electronic technology to remove any delay and incorporate another system to your aftermarket ECU's control.

What a better way to get your beast to drive a little smoother with all the benefits of awesome idle control, and electronic throttle shut off protection features, traction control possibilities etc, these systems open doors to a whole new world of technological possibility.

This kit allows you to install it on any R chassis vehicle with a forward facing plenum by cutting off the original flange and welding on the provided one, includes the following components:

  • GM Pedal Potentiometer GM92238396
  • Platinum Racing Products Pedal Adaptor Bracket
  • Bosch Drive By Wire 63mm, 74mm or 82mm Throttle body
  • Throttle body Weld On flange
  • Plug & Pin Set For Throttle body & Pedal
  • Wiggins Ferrule Adaptor Kit (Inc Grub Screws, Adaptor, O-Ring) (Optional)

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    Wayne B.
    Great products great support