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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523


KS4-P -3 to 25 kHz Knock Sensor

by Bosch
SKU 261231188
Original price $45.00 - Original price $58.00
Original price
$45.00 - $58.00
Current price $45.00

The motorsport knock sensor designed for a wide frequency precision. Includes compact electronic connector & high-temperature silicone 90Deg boot to endure the high temperatures on the engine.

Type: Engine Vibration Measurement

Measurement Range: 3 to 25 kHz
Sensitivity (@5kHz): 26 ± 8mV/g
Impedance: >1MOhm
Capacitance field: 1150 ± 200 pF

Mounting Hole Diameter: 8.3mm
Supporting Sleeve: Brass
Connector Type: EV1 2Pin Jetronic
Installation Torque: 20±5Nm


Installation instructions are HERE


NOTE for vehicles running on Ethanol  

Please talk to your tuner about setting up your ECU to see the specific frequencies for detonation when using Ethanol fuel.