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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523


8.8" Rear Differential Billet Housing - Including Studs

Original price $550.00 - Original price $4,350.00
Original price
$550.00 - $4,350.00
Current price $3,800.00

The Platinum Racing Products direct replacement billet Ford 8.8" Rear Differential Housing is designed for customers who already have an 8.8" rear differential and are experiencing the common issue of the cast housings not being strong enough. This product serves as a direct replacement billet housing.

It also suits any vehicle retrofitted with a Ford 8.8-inch diff or any setup planning to take an IRS 8.8-inch non-super upgrade. The OEM cast steel or alloy casing snaps open due to its inferior thin cast design, damaging the internals.

Key Features:

Billet Platinum Racing Products Diff Hat (Sold Separately): You can also purchase the billet diff hat separately, which complements this housing for enhanced performance and reliability.

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R200 Billet Diff Housing: Stay tuned for the release of the R200 billet diff housing, designed to bolt into vehicles where the subframe was originally intended for an R200. We are also working on a direct fit 8.8-inch differential to bolt into the R200s and R chassis cross members. This product is currently in development, so keep an eye on our social media for sneak peeks and early releases.

Please note this listing DOES NOT include an 8.8" diff center or any internals at this stage.

The super 8.8" differential has a larger pinion than the regular 8.8, however, that is not the weakest point, its the housing. The Platinum Racing Products Billet 8.8 Housing not only resolves that issue, it adds more strengths where its needed.

Supplied with
AR3.250-1LB x 4
1/2 Main nuts x 4
-10 Bung x 1