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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523
CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523


Platinum Racing Products Pro Series Crank Trigger on Haltech ECU

This kit does not work with Haltech Platinum Pro Plug In models. Only Nexus, Elite series or Platinum Sport will support this kit.
The Platinum Racing Products Pro Series Crank Trigger Kit incorporates a replacement crankshaft timing belt gear that has a 36-2 tooth trigger system, and uses a Reluctor (VR) sensor. This kit eliminates the issues of timing fluctuation seen on all RB engines with the OEM trigger system.  The use of a Reluctor sensor also increases the theoretical upper RPM range.  The Pro kit is sold without a cam sensor kit, which is sold separately.

** Wiring **

 Important Note: due to the proximity of this sensor to the alternator, routing the wiring to avoid the introduction of signal noise should be considered. Shielding the signal wires from the ECU all the way to the sensor connector is recommended for best noise resistance.
Sensor Pin
Haltech Wiring
Trigger -
Green in Trigger 4-core
Trigger +
Yellow in Trigger 4-core

** Sensor Air Gap **

A reluctor sensor generates its own voltage as each tooth approaches and passes the sensor tip. Tooth speed and distance will affect the amplitude of the signal generated by the sensor. By adjusting the 'air gap' (the distance between the sensor tip and the toothed wheel it is detecting) the user has control over the amplitude of the signal under running conditions. Too small of an air gap will create a signal amplitude that is far too high to be reliably sensed by the ECU (for example at high RPM). Too large of an air gap may not let the sensor generate enough of a signal amplitude for the ECU to detect (for example cranking RPM).
 The suggested air gap for the sensor used in this Crank Trigger kit is 1.0mm - 2.0mm (~0.040" - ~0.080").

** Configuration **

TDC Offset is currently unconfirmed, use these settings as a starting point.

This Arming Voltage table is a suggestion based on a 1.5mm air gap. Adjustment may be required.