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The Oil Pump housing should look something like this, this trigger kit will adapt to all known RB oil pump and harmonic balancer configurations.

1) Remove the bolts shown within the red circles.

This is a good opportunity to grind off one of the 12 teeth of your crank trigger disc (12-1) if you choose to This may give advantages. (please consult your tuner) (may not work with many plug in ECU’s i.e.: Haltech platinum pro plug in) fit the gear using a little moly grease also note we have conveniently added M6 threads for ease of removal. Green arrow points to the timing belt guide washer that you retain or swap for the PRP ultra hard version. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! DISREGARD The washer that goes between balancer and gear this includes any aftermarket versions, they are not required and will damage the trigger disc.

Note: If you choose to run a 12- 1 configuration it is recommended that you remove the tooth on the opposite end of the keyway as far as weight proportion is concerned, It is also recommended that you consider dynamicaly balancing your rotating assembly with the new crank gear.(especially with a high revving or race engine)

Install bottom trigger mount onto the oil pump housing and bolt through into position with the bolts provided.

Spin in the red sensor through the mount until it bottoms out on the oil pump housing (if at all) and mark out the area that needs to be removed.

Remove the sensor bracket and bottom timing gear and make way for removal of material. (if required) (note the timing cover will need a similar gouge)

Clearance housing should look something like this.

You may then re install the hardware. Use a feeler gauge to set your gap, recommended gap for this trigger sensor is 1 mm (40 thou), once set tighten up the grub screw in the bottom to lock the sensor position. Note: there is a nylon insert under the grub screw to ensure the sensor is not damaged.

If by chance your sensor to gear tooth alignment is not ideal and you have more than .5 mm gap between your balancer and the sensor mount you may pack the sensor mount with m6 washers (supplied)

Once you have spaced out your sensor your setup should look more like this, the closer your gear tooth comes to the centre of the sensor the better, although we have tested right on the edge and there is still a sharp pulse. (Note, each washer added will give you 1.2 mm or so)

Install the trigger disc on your exhaust cam gear using the M7 bolts provided, face the long lug towards your TDC Timing marks do not use washers. Tension as per manufacturers recommendation

Install CAS bracket and trigger mount, also install the small black sensor, the lock nut can go on either side of the trigger mount, easier to adjust on the outside looks neater on the inside. Recommended gap for your sensor is .5- .8mm off the trigger lug.

Wire in your new sensors, use the quality plugs provided if you wish, double check and lock all your hardware, you may now set up your ECU for a 12 tooth trigger crank and 1 home signal and start your engine, here are the wiring diagrams for Haltech Pro plug in and Elite series ECU’s, if you are running another brand ECU The sensor wiring will help, apologies for not giving you wiring diagrams on all but the OEM Pin outs should help you through.