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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523
CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523



Platinum Racing Products Harness Selection Flowchart

The below flowchart is designed to assist you in selecting the correct RB ignition harness to a complete "Plug & Play" solution without any modifications to your existing engine loom.  There are many RB engine variants within models and series which can be quite confusing!  

Begin at the "Start" bubble and follow it down until you reach your required harness!

IMPORTANT NOTE: As these engines are pushing well past 15 years old now, there is a possibility that during their life time the ignition wiring harness has been replaced or changed.  Be sure to check PRP's RB Identification Chart documentation to double check all the connector plugs also match.  If you cannot identify with the standard connector combinations, then its most likely you have a hybrid/aftermarket version that has been changed since the factory and custom work is required.