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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523



V-Spec option 1: We recommend installation of a mechanical differential in place of the active one. Use ETS-Pro to control the single A-LSD solenoid. Using the A-LSD solenoid (which is currently blocked off due to your mechanical LSD) wire the ETS-Pro outputs to this solenoid (instead of the attessa side) and connect the transfer case hose to this solenoid. This is how most of our track car customers choose to plumb. Blocking off transfer case outlet on pump housing and connecting the old A-LSD solenoid to transfer case instead of differential leaves 100% OEM connections in place for the attessa pump and solenoid/failsafe solenoid. Blocking off the pump outlet lets this system run like stock, controlled like stock, but to a dead end on the pump. Also the MFD works.

V-Spec option 2: if the user must retain A-LSD and must retain stock functionality with a working Failsafe solenoid in place, in order to maintain initial startup with oem system so it would not cause an error with the ECU you will need a double pole double through switch for this purpose. The poles (common pin pair, pin2 and pin 5 for switch above) of the switch will be connected to the ETS solenoid. One pair of through pins (pin 1 and pin 4)will be connected to OEM ETS output and ground. The other pair (pin 3 and pin 6) will be connected to ETS-Pro +/- output (black and while on 6 wire 18 AWG cable). Make sure that when switch is in on position, only OEM ETS output and ground connect to the solenoid pins and when flipped only ETS-Pro +/- pair connects to the solenoid. Caution: If the OEM and ETS-Pro connect to the coil at the same time by error, both controllers will be damaged.