Pro Street Radials is a tyre manufacturer and provider that specialises in radial tyres for automotive racing. They are an Australian owned business but they have become a global player by providing high quality drag racing tyres to drivers all over the world.

Their tyres are perfect for street cars that make their way to the track or any full blow drag car, making them a popular choice amongst racers. Pro Street Radial has heavy involvement within the Australian drag racing scene, making them a reliable source of quality products. Their tyre manufacturing is of the highest quality, making them a safe bet for drag racing and street tires.

Traction is one of the main focuses when it comes to race tires, and Pro Street Radials offers one of the best available on the market at an affordable price. For those looking for reliable, yet affordable tyres for their vehicles then Pro Street Radials should be top on your list with their commitment to building quality products.

Their track record speaks for itself with years of success in both drag racing and street tires which makes them a great choice when deciding on tyres for your car or truck.

✅ Australian Owned & Operated
✅ Proven Street/Strip Radial tyre
✅ Highest Quality compound to ensure the best grip!
✅ Street & Track Tested
✅ Speed Rated
✅ Load rated
✅ No excessive lead times
✅ Satisfaction Guaranteed