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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523
CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523



Platinum Racing Products is dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience possible, so if you need quick help... why not view our frequently asked questions below for a quick solution. If you can not find the answers you are looking for, please send us an email at




Q. Which ARP head studs should I use? 625 or 2000's?

A. In our opinion and using logic, The performance of a bolt is strictly limited to its stretch. The stretch is what gives the benefit of tension of a cylinder head.

Now the only thing that separates a ARP 2000 and a 625 is it ability to stretch before yield, the rate of stretch remains constant so in essence you can pull a 625 further before it yields out

Now because the limiting factor on an RB is the cylinder head tension as it crushes the head with any more than about 110 foot pounds. Most blocks are limited to 105 foot pounds unless it’s an RB 30 RD 28 or an in one version of an RB 26 in which case 110 foot pound also applies.

You’re not reaping the benefits of a better quality bolt as you can only pull it to the tension that the block and combination will allow.

So for arguments sake at 105 foot pound. There is simply no benefit to either type of bolt over the other. You’re not pulling either of them anywhere near their yield.

ARP Recommend pulling a bolt to 75% of a yield in which case an ARP 2000 is around 110 foot pound in an M12 bolt which is fine but the 625 pulls 140 foot pound at 75% of yield and because you’re not tensioning the bolt to 140 foot pound both bolts perform exactly the same

In this application spending the extra thousand dollars on the 625 bolts is a complete and utter waste of money and there is zero benefit, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Q. Which countries do you ship to?

A. Platinum Racing Products ships worldwide via DHL express and soon we will be using many other couriers in order to give our customers a larger range of options to suit their shipping needs.

Q. What does my shipping seem so high?

A. If you feel a calculated shipping rate is a bit off, contact us at and we will investigate to ensure you have the most accurate quote possible. Please be advised that all our rates do include a small, yet essential packaging and handling fee.

Q. Why is my shipping quote NOT being calculated upon checkout?

A. The biggest culprit with failed shipping quotes on our site is CITY and POSTCODE not being entered correctly. Often customers make the mistake of placing a suburb name into the "City area" when filling in their shipping details. Please take the time to carefully review your shipping information, otherwise please send us an email at and we will help you get an accurate shipping quote.

Q.  Why is my order taking so long to be shipped?

A. We apologize in advance for any orders that may have delays, most of our products go out the door rather quickly unless it is a custom ordered product or if there is a shortage of supplies or materials. We always endeavour to contact other suppliers and sometimes even pay extra money out of pocket to speed up customer order process, but sometimes things are just not there. Currently there are some GLOBAL SHORTAGES with certain products, some sensors and ARP hardware are the most effected. There are also extended lead times on fabricated products such as custom intercoolers and intake manifolds from Manufacturers such as Plazmaman and Hypertune.

Q. Do you offer local pickup?

A. Yes, local pickup is an option between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday from our warehouse in Tuggerah NSW, Australia (full address will be automatically given to you via email and text once the order has been processed and marked as ready for pickup).

Q. Do I have to pay import duties and taxes? (International Customers)

A. While we endeavour to pass on all relevant information when it comes to duties and taxes, it is the customer's responsibility to confirm if any additional charges will be charged upon importing goods to their respective country.




Q. Where is the notes section?

A. Placing added notes to your order is essential in helping us pick and pack the correct products for your order. The notes area' can be found in your CART, which is located along the main tab at the top right hand side of the page. Simply click the cart button if you are not already in your cart, and the notes section will be there along side your cart information. Enter any special notes into it and we will read them as we process your order.

Q. Why is this product out of stock?

A. Most of our products are kept in stock, if you happen to notice a listing as out of stock, it may be a technical issue so please contact us at and we will endeavour to find a solution for you.




Q. Do you offer vehicle sponsorships?

A. We sure do, however we have a strict criteria that must be met prior to offering any form of sponsorship. You MUST have a large social media following and show us you have the initiative, reach and financial ability to promote Platinum Racing Products. Sponsorships are offered in 3 different forms based on what you have to offer. Any form of sponsorship starts with a small discount on the basis you have the means to promote PRP. Once we see you making efforts to push the brand we will reward you by upgrading your sponsorship to include certain products. If you have a podium level vehicle that could use PRP Products and competes in any form of trophy winning motorsport, we want to hear about it!