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Trigger Kit Tech Talk with Haltech

Tunnel Boring and Torque plating

Tunnel Boring When the crush is changed on the main cap or big end because of a different torque setting on an aftermarket bolt and or even more so with a larger bolt, the perfect circle is compromised. When I say compromised, it is no longer round, without doubt,...

R35 Coil vs Yaris Coil Debate

We often get asked why we do not create ignition kits that include Yaris coils. There are a few misconceptions with these COP coils that actually do not make them PRP's coil of choice when designing kits. Below will be a breakdown of the pro's and con's dealing with...

Annular Grooves

You may have noticed the RB26 block has OEM Annular groves in the block side of the main bearing journal, the RB30, and non turbo RB25's RD'setc do not. They can be easily milled in so that you can run an RB26 main baring shell as all RB Main pin sizes are the same....

RB Engine Harness Connector Identification Manual

Selection of  Mechanical Fuel Pump to Supply an EFI Engine

    Engine Brace Selection Flowchart


ETS-PRO Operation


KINSLER Mechanical Fuel Pump Information