Products Currently Under Development

Assorted Items

Flexible Turbo Drain to AN Fitting

Trigger Kit Backing Plates


N54 Coil Kit


4G63 Engine Brace


Barra Coil Kit

Barra engine brace


K Series and B Series Coil Kits



RB30 SOHC Coil Kit

RB30 Distributor Bung

RB30 S1 to S2 block conversion plate

RB 4WD to Powerglide adapter

Chassis Spacers

RB Double V Cam Kit

RB 1GN1A Coil Kit

CA18 Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit

TB48 Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit

TB48 Trigger Kit

VG30 Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit


JZ Billet main cap girdle to GTR 4WD drivetrain adapter

JZ Torque Plate


Still more to come!



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