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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523


MAX GEAR – SAE 75W-90 Transmission Fluid - 946mL

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Max Gear is recommended for truck and automotive differentials, outboard motor lower units or in rear axles or manual transmissions requiring an API fluid. Max Gear is a high performance automotive gear oil designed to provide maximum protection to heavily loaded gears while increasing power throughput through the drive train. Max Gear virtually eliminates both gear and bearing wear—even under severe squeeze film conditions caused by extremely high loads, sudden shock loads or low RPMs. Slippery, synthetic molecules not only reduce wear and friction but significantly increase Max Gear’s cold weather fluidity and lubricity, making it the ideal choice for vehicles operating in cold climates. Gears run smoother, quieter, cooler and longer without overhauls. It is noncorrosive to both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Maximizes horsepower.

Extends gear and bearing life.

Reduces operating temperature.

Lower coefficient of friction.

Superior corrosion protection.

Separates rapidly from water.

For use with open, limited-slip and locking differential.

Contains limited-slip friction modifier.