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Italian RP - RB32 Pistons High Comp

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Italian Rods & pistons, also known as ItalianRP is a market-leading manufacturer for connecting rods, pistons, and clutches located in Calabria, Italy. Platinum Racing Products works in conjunction with IRP to bring you nothing but the best, our reasoning for choosing IRP is as follows:

  • Made in Italy - including all materials required for production and are 100% certified, the entire process of manufacture and quality control is performed under one roof.
  • All products work under any climate condition as the R&D is conducted in the UAE under harsh conditions where they are rigorously tested at 50C (122F) temperatures whilst averaging over 90% humidity.
  • IRP has a worldwide network of distributors who thoroughly test our products and distribute to consumers
  • The latest technology for manufacture is used inside a temperature and humidity controlled room, our 5-Axis CNC machines are of the newest generation which satisfies the pre-requisition for industry 4.0 standards.
  • IRP Materials and Technology are derived with Formula 1 and encompass some amazing features such as our 'double bridge construction' attribute for our entire piston range
  • The entire range of Connecting rods are made from high-grade steel which can satisfy aeronautics and military standards, our products are built to last.
  • IRP is a large scale operation with over 200,000 parts manufactured per year and operates 20 CNC machines with a fully automated and robotically controlled production line.

Piston Specifications:

Silver line Pistons - This is our most sold and balanced product, it's forged from high-grade 2618 Billet Alloy and sports our unique 'Double Bridge' Design. The silver line is our centrepiece and most sold product because it allows great performance and reliability.

  • Material: 2618 Billet Alloy
  • Pin Diameter: 21mm
  • Piston Weight: 397grams
  • Ring and Clip weight: 116grams
  • Compression Height: 30mm
  • Stroke: 90.00mm
  • Gauge point: 41.5

    Gold line Pistons - Forged from high-grade 2618 Billet Alloy, these pistons suit high HP applications and sports our unique 'Double Bridge' Design. The gold line is our most used piston range for applications over 1000hp as they have a unique coating for both the head and the first piston ring.

    • Material: 2618 Billet Alloy
    • Pin Diameter: 23mm
    • Piston Weight: 371grams
    • Ring and Clip weight: 149grams
    • Compression Height: 30mm
    • Stroke: 90.00mm
    • Gauge point: 41.5