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RB26 Engine Block

Original price $67.46 - Original price $67.46
Original price
$67.46 - $67.46
Current price $67.46
  • $100 Non refundable spot in the queue only
  • This is for serious buyers to receive preference upon release in the order that deposits are received hence the small deposit value. 

  • NOTE: BALANCE PAYABLE UPON OFFICIAL RELEASE. (Block options can be changed before delivery) 
  • Block Options:
    Pricing includes a finished machined block and  Bore Size (86.5, may need finishing honing to suit your piston to wall) | Main Tunnel Machine Work and finished deck for a Ready To Build solution)

    • We offer various block options, including:
      • 8k standard OEM style main cap cradle  $8,800 AUD
      • 10k integrated main brace with 2 main bolts $10,000 AUD
      • 11k integrated main brace with 4 main bolts $11,000 AUD
        *Pricing includes fitting and machining for braces*

  • Enhanced Features:

    • Our blocks include several enhancements:
      • Threaded anodized welch plugs, not the standard ones.
      • Oil galleries relocated to accommodate larger strokes.
      • 8mm bore, suitable for up to a 90mm piston.
      • A robust 12.5mm deck thickness, reducing the risk of cracking.
      • Head studs extend to the main cap, allowing for longer head stud options.
      • Ductile iron construction eliminates the risk of cracking.
      • Siamese bore configuration for added strength.
      • Larger oil drain backs in the block.
      • Rerouted turbo oil feed to maintain structural integrity.
      • Additional head and turbo drain provisions in the block.

  • Customization Options:

    • Our blocks come pre-machined for the brace and can be supplied with 12mm, 1/2", or 9/16" head stud options, including long studs.
    • We provide blocks that are tunnel bored and machined to your specifications.

  • Bore Sizes:

    • 86mm up to 88mm in the 2.9L variant
    • 90mm in the 3.1L variant
      *88mm/90mm Bore - 2mm Higher Deck Height*

  ETA ? 

We’re aiming for a January release at this point.