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Nissan RB26 Cast Cylinder Heads

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  • $100 Non refundable spot in the queue only

  • This is for serious buyers to receive preference upon release in the order that deposits are received hence the small deposit value. 

  • NOTE: BALANCE PAYABLE UPON OFFICIAL RELEASE. (Head package options can be changed before delivery) 

Cylinder Heads:
(Pricing is approximate machined core cost and subject to change prior to official release, complete packages will be available)

Introducing 4 off the shelf head packages

R0 OEM  Direct replacement pre machined head with 1mm oversized valving improved flow and efficiency over the R0 OEM, ready to build $6000 AUD

Porting supports OEM style builds between 180-225 CFM 

R0 Street Series, Direct replacement pre machined head with 1mm oversized valving improved flow and efficiency over the R0 OEM, ready to build $6600 AUD 

This option is modifiable well beyond the capabilities of the standard 05U cylinder head, (Chamber and porting will be available as extras) theoretically supports up to 275 CFM

R1 Race Series, R1 platform, 6mm raised exhaust ports and flange, 35mm buckets, 5 angle seat cut 34-36mm intake, 32 mm exhaust seats. Theoretical flow supports 325 + CFM, $8800. AUD

R1 Pro Series, R1 platform, 35mm buckets, 6mm raised exhaust ports, 37-37.5mm intake, 33mm exhaust, port and clover leaf chamber work supplied, 90mm bore only, supports 375 CFM (theoretical)

Basic Head Options:

We offer lobe relief RB26 heads modified to fit big lift cams.

We will provide several stages of porting, tailored to your needs. The standard porting offers smooth airflow for up to 800hp.

All variants of PRP heads come pre machined to include the following:

* Finished cam tunnels
* Valve guides fitted 
* Valve seats fitted and 5 angle finished
* All threads and mating surfaces finished

Enhanced Durability:

The cast material chosen is the ulitimate in late model alloys available, it’s also heat treated and stabilised prior to machining.

We reinforce the material under the squish areas of the chambers to prevent port and general head cracking.

Chamber Customization:

Our heads can be configured with open or closed chambers for the R0 and R1 Race heads and cloverleaf in the R1 PRO series heads to suit your desired horsepower.

Stud Specifications:

Standard heads are optioned M12 studs, we support upgrades to 9/16th head studs with added material.

Deck Thickness:

Our heads feature an 10mm deck thickness, OEM variants typically range from 4-6mm as a comparision. 

Oil Gallery Modifications:

We've relocated the main oil galleries to accommodate (35mm lifter/bucket), enabling higher RPM capabilities, spring, valve and camshaft options.

Injector Options:

Choose between single or twin injector ports in the cylinder head, equal spaced dual injectors are recommended as close to the port entry as possible.

Improved Construction:

PRP RB cylinder heads utilize threaded bungs instead of welch plugs other than the front and rear to support commonly used water intake and drain accessories,

we have included threaded oil galleries with bungs at both the front and back for serviceability.