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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is my Quote/ Draft Valid For?

All quotes supplied by Platinum Racing Products, are valid for 7 days after being sent by our sales staff. The quote may be unchanged after this date but we will need to confirm pricing and freight on all items before processing this quote again.


Haven't Heard anything Regarding my Order?

Once an order has been placed with us we aim to notify you within 48 hours either with a tracking number that your order has been sent or with an accurate ETA as to when we will be able to send your order off. You're welcome to request items be sent off whilst waiting for others to come into stock we just ask some additional freight be paid if you are in fact urgent.


Why is my order backordered?

When we do not have an item, as stated above, we will strive to notify you as soon as possible. Sometimes very popular items go on backorder and good practise on your behalf is to purchase the item and jump inline to speed the process up.


Why does my ETA keep changing?

Platinum Racing Products sell many different brands of products and some of the material that goes into making all the products you know and love comes from all different suppliers. Given this is the case sometimes ETA's can change and it upsets us just as much as it does you. Please be patient as as soon as we are updated with an ETA we will update you ASAP.

 I am a trade customer, what discount do I receive?

We have multiple different trade pricing tiers we offer our customers. The more you spend, the more we can look after you. Please get in contact with our sales staff to run through these options to see which option suits your business best:

How Do I Contact Customer Service?

Sales Related questions / enquiry / Issues with Orders

      • Email -
      • Phone - 0430 149 993

Non Sales Related Questions & Enquiry

      • Email -
      • Phone - 0430 149 993
      • Facebook Messenger
      • Web Chat

Anodizing Requests

  • Email -

Accounts Queries

  • Email -

Website / Marketing / Business Enquiries

  • Email -  


Where is My Tracking Info?

All orders are shipped from Platinum Racing Products or on the occasion sent directly to you from our supplier. In either case, the email you have signed up with or used in checkout will have all tracking details emailed there.

*Please check your spam or junk folders

There Has Been No Scan's on My Tracking?

Sometimes a package has missed a scan and if that scan was the only one before it scans into your city it very well may only get updated when it is delivered. We understand this is frustrating so if you have any questions in regards to any tracking scans please contact the supplier direct with any inquiries.


Is the item in Stock?

If you need to confirm if an item is in stock best practise is to call us. If you require something URGENTLY please again, call up, confirm the item is in stock and make payment immediately and advise the sales staff that this is an urgent order so we can make sure the correct freight method is used.


My Package arrived Damaged / Received Faulty Parts

In the event your order arrives & is damaged or is faulty. Please follow the following steps to

ensure we can best help you resolve the problem;


      • Contact us with your order number handy
      • Keep all items & all packaging
      • Take detailed photos of the damaged/ faulty items & or packaging
      • We will forward any photos and information to the relevant shipping company or
      • supplier & await instruction
      • Please DO NOT send any items back to us or supplier unless requested


I Need to Cancel or Return my Order

If you need to return an item DO NOT ship anything back to us prior to contacting our sales staff. We are happy to refund an order if there is a circumstance we feel is necessary. We are not required to refund purely because you have changed your mind.