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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523
CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523


Recalls & Service Bulletins

At Platinum Racing Products, we take pride in delivering quality automotive components and accessories. Our commitment to quality and performance is unwavering. In line with our dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction, we want to keep you informed about recalls and service bulletins related to our products. Our goal is to rectify any potential concerns, ensuring that your Platinum Racing Products experience is without concern of longevity.
If your product is subject to a recall, rest assured that we will provide clear communication on the nature of the issue, potential risks, and steps to take for resolution. We understand the importance of keeping you, our valued customer, informed and protected.

Mechanical Fuel Pump Adapter - Recall
If you have purchased an RB mechanical fuel pump kit from Platinum Racing Products, we strongly encourage you to watch the video in the link below, and if required, contact us as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement adapter to be sent to you at no cost. Our customer service team is available on all the socials, email and phone to answer any questions you may have. Please note that other engine variants of our mechanical fuel pump kits are NOT affected.



Service Bulletins: Continuous Improvement for Optimal Performance
Platinum Racing Products is dedicated to continuous improvement. Our service bulletins are a proactive approach to ensuring that you get the most out of our products. These bulletins may contain valuable information about updates, improvements, or recommended maintenance procedures to enhance the performance and longevity of your Platinum Racing components.
Regularly checking our service bulletins ensures that you stay ahead of the curve, benefitting from the latest insights and recommendations provided by our expert team. We encourage you to explore these bulletins to optimize your product's performance and maintain its peak condition.
 RB Cam Cover Baffles - Voluntary Replacement
Platinum Racing Products are committed to providing high-quality products and
exceptional customer service. We have recently revised the internal laser cut baffle plates of our RB Cam Covers, and we are offering a free replacement of your current baffles and securing hardware. This voluntary replacement would be ideal to those customers who have not yet installed their covers, or those that missed the warnings regarding the requirement to use thread locking on internal fasteners.

We take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously, and we want to make sure that every client has a product that meets our high standards which is why we include a lifetime warranty with all our branded products.
If required, contact us as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement set of baffles to be sent to you at no cost. Our customer service team is available on all the socials, email and phone to answer any questions you may have.
Please use “RB Baffles Baffles - Voluntary Replacement [insert order #]” in the subject line of your email.