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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523



This is a beginning to end guide to the relocation and set up of your new PRP Air con relocation kit, this will ensure your air conditioning and power steering share the same belt giving you an extra idler, and all the other benefits including the one that made you purchase this kit.

1) Remove the air conditioning compressor and OEM bracket 

2)  Fit your brackets (loosely) with the bolts provided, the bolts go in the elongated slots, the bot circled may need to be ground down a little, all blocks seem to be drilled differently here.

3) Install the OEM alloy air conditioning bracket (bolts just nipped up) with a M10 washer (supplied) between the OEM bracket and your PRP black brackets, Rememeber the Black brackets are on lose so the whole assembly should be free to slide back and forth with a bit of effort.

Use a straight edge to line up your pulleys for proper belt orientation, slide your bracket back and forth until its straight (ensure the idler main bolt is tight)

Once you are happy with your belt and pulley orientation you may tighten these rear bolts, then remove the OEM A/C Bracket and tighten the front ones, then you can put the bracket back on (don’t forget the sandwiched washers)

You may now bolt up your air conditioner compressor.

You can now collapse both of your adjusters (power steering and Air conditioning) and run a cord around all 4 pulleys to determine you new belt length, (this particular R32 GTR set up ended up taking a 4PK1120 Belt, but your set up may differ given all the different sized pulleys across the range.

Adjust your tensioners to your liking and enjoy driving your weapon. Special thanks to Dahtone Racing for the beautiful photo work and donor engine.