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CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523
CONTACT SALES: +61 2 5500 7523



Anodizing please email

We offer awesome decorative anodising to both large commercial and to the general public, with some of the sharpest colours available, in a range of 11 colours. Tumble polishing, etch colour stripping and laser engraving also available.

Some info before we start.

Before we help you with your anodising Job, there are a few things we would like you to be aware of. -the object needs to have holes in it, or small threaded sections for us to be able to attach our prongs, which you could imagine are like tweezers that work backwards. Wherever the prongs are attached to conduct electricity, there will be a tiny contact area that the colour will not stick to.

-although anodising adds a film, it’s near-microscopic, so whatever your job looks like before anodising will look the same after anodising but with colour.

-if your job has a rough finish or has any sort of scratches or dents, these will be more noticeable after the anodising is complete

-if your part is dull, to begin with, it WILL look Matt in the finish, but the more polished the alloy is, the brighter and shinier the finish will be.

-please ensure you advise us if your part has already been anodised, or if you suspect that it may have been previously or if the part is not new and/or fresh of the mill. You may run the risk of ruining the ultimate anodising finish on your part.

-Painted or Powdercoated parts will need to be completely stripped back to raw alloy and again the finish you are left with will Be exactly how it looks after it’s anodized so preparation is key, there is nothing that can be done to fix a crappy end result after it’s done.

-Tanks or vessels will usually need to be either sealable or have openings that allow anodising to occur on the inside of the tank as well. Bear in mind our hanging hooks need to be on the opposite side to allow drainage of the tank between anodising cycles.

-Our anodising tanks are roughly 1000mm x 400mm x600mm. Your part needs to be able to fit into that tank size. Colour changed pre anodised parts: -You should be aware that stripping the existing colour makes the part porous and will give you a dull or Matt finish. For optimal results, polishing after etching is advised before re-anodising.

Please advise if it is made from 7075 alloys or has been anodized before, this will affect our process.